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Benefits of using Mock API Server

No Signup Required

Simply create your Github repository and start using your mock API. No account creation or signup is required.

All HTTP Method

All HTTP methods are supported. Simply add file with HTTP method as name eg. get.json post.json

Security & Privacy

We do not store your JSON response or mock data. Your data remains in your Github repository and can be disconnected at any time.

Easy Collaboration

Easy collaboration amongst teams. Mock API Server's usage of Github repositories to store JSON response, enables users to use familiar tools to collaborate within and amongst various teams.

Limitless Possibilities

Mock API Server can be used to create product demos, end-to-end software tests, expose Github JSON data as REST apis, untangle web and mobile app development from backend development.

Online Support

Have a query? We would be glad to hear from you. At this moment, we are only able to offer online support.

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