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We are a team of innovative software craftsmen based out of New Delhi, the capital city of India. We are working on suit of products in Health Care and Productivity domain. With innovation at it's heart, we build softwares that are easy to use and solve real life problems for our customers. We are lead by a group of serial entrepreneurs having decades of experience in technology domain.

Products & Services

Palixo Health

Palixo is a mobile based application that allows patients to monitor and organize their health records. Palixo allows users to share their medical records with doctors and family, and enables family members to remotely monitor health of their loved ones.

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GrooveUI | White Label Your SaaS Website

GrooveUI is an innovative new service that helps you create White Label SaaS Application with ease. Apply customer branding and create dynamic themes and css. No coding required, instantaneous theme updates. Show same website in separate theme for different domains.

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Translate | Internationalize Your Website

Translate allows businesses to translate and maintain their websites in different languages. Translate allows it's customers to set different content for each enabled language. The system automatically detects language preferences of the website visitor and shows the website in correct language. Language modifications are applied in real time and no code changes are required on customers website.

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